Users of pbi-tools are advised that only some tool features are currently Microsoft-supported, whilst others have to be considered experimental. Experimental features are those which rely on undocumented behaviors in Power BI or which expose file internals where a public specification does not exist for the respective file formats.

Whilst a full end-to-end development process with pbi-tools depends on such experimental features, Microsoft Support cannot be engaged in relation to any issues linked to such projects. Use experimental features at your own risk.

It is, however, expected that over time the surface area of undocumented features will get smaller and smaller as the Power BI product team is actively working on enabling tools like pbi-tools to perform file manipulation actions.

Feature Summary

Feature Desktop Edition Core Edition
extract - From PBIX (thin report) Supported N/A
extract - From PBIX (thick report) Experimental N/A
compile Experimental Experimental
deploy - From PBIX (thick and thin report) Supported Supported
deploy - Dataset from BIM Supported Supported
deploy - Dataset from TMDL Supported Supported
deploy - Thin report from PbixProj folder Experimental Experimental
export-data - From port Supported Supported
export-data - From PBIX Experimental Experimental