pbi-tools.core <action> -options

pbi-tools (Core), 1.0.0 -



compile <folder> [<outPath>] [<format>] [<overwrite>] 

Generates a PBIX/PBIT file from sources in the specified PbixProj folder. Currently, the PBIX output is supported only for report-only projects (“thin” reports), and PBIT for projects containing a data model.

Option Default Value Is Switch Description
folder*     The PbixProj folder to generate the PBIX from.
outPath     The path for the output file. If not provided, creates the file in the current working directory, using the foldername. A directory or file name can be provided. The full output path is created if it does not exist.
format PBIX   The target file format.
PBIX - Creates a file using the PBIX format. Only supported for “thin” reports - use the PBIT format if the project contains a data model. This is the default format.
PBIT - Creates a file using the PBIT format. Use for data models. When opened in Power BI Desktop, parameters and/or credentials need to be provided and a refresh is triggered.
overwrite False X Overwrite the destination file if it already exists, fail otherwise.


convert <source> [<outPath>] [<modelSerialization>] [<mashupSerialization>] [<settingsFile>] [<updateSettings>] [<modelOnly>] [<overwrite>] 

Performs an offline conversion of PbixProj or Tabular model sources into another format, either in-place or into another destination.

Option Default Value Is Switch Description
source*     The source(s) to convert. Can be a PbixProj folder, a Model/TE folder, or a TMSL json file.
outPath     The (optional) destination. Can be a folder or a file, depending on the conversion mode. Must be a folder if the source is a TMSL json file.
modelSerialization     The model serialization mode.
Default - The default serialization format, effective if no option is specified. The default is TMDL.
Raw - Serializes the tabular model into a single JSON file containing the full TMSL payload from the PBIX model. No transformations are applied.
Legacy - Serializes the tabular model into the default PbixProj folder structure and performs various transformations to optimize file contents for source control.
Tmdl - Serializes the tabular model into TMDL format. Annotation settings are applied.
mashupSerialization     The mashup serialization mode.
Default - Similar to ‘Raw’ mode, with the exception that QueryGroups are extracted into a separate file for readability.
Raw - Serializes all Mashup parts with no transformations applied.
Expanded - Serializes the Mashup metadata part into a Json document, and embedded M queries into separate files. This mode is not supported for compilation.
settingsFile     An external .pbixproj.json file containing serialization settings. Serialization modes specified as command-line arguments take precedence.
updateSettings False X If set, updates the effective PbixProj settings file used for this conversion.
modelOnly False X If set, converts the model only and leaves other artifacts untouched. Only effective in combination with a PbixProj source folder.
overwrite False X Allows overwriting of existing files in the destination. The conversion fails if the destination is not empty and this flag is not set.


deploy <folder> <label> [<environment>] [<basePath>] [<whatIf>] 

Deploys artifacts (reports, datasets) to Power BI Service using a deployment manifest.

Option Default Value Is Switch Description
folder*     The PbixProj folder containing the deployment manifest.
label*     Name of a profile in the deployment manifest.
environment Development   The target deployment environment.
basePath     When specified, resolves all deployment source paths relative to this path (and basePath relative to the current working directory), instead of the location of the PbixProj manifest.
whatIf False X When enabled, simulates the deployment actions and provides diagnostic output. Useful to test source path expressions and parameters. Authentication credentials are validated.


export-data [<port>] [<outPath>] [<dateTimeFormat>] 

Exports data from all tables in a live Power BI Desktop session.

Option Default Value Is Switch Description
port     The port number of a local Tabular Server instance.
outPath     The output directory. Uses PBIX file directory if not provided, or the current working directory when connecting to Tabular Server instance.
dateTimeFormat s   The format to use for DateTime values. Must be a valid .Net format string, see:

Export data from local workspace instance

pbi-tools.core export-data -port 12345

Extracts all records from each table from a local Power BI Desktop or SSAS Tabular instance running on port 12345 (get actual port via ‘info’ command). Each table is extracted into a UTF-8 CSV file with the same name into the current working directory.


generate-bim <folder> [<transforms>] 

Generates a TMSL/BIM file from Model sources in a folder. The output path is derived from the source folder.

Option Default Value Is Switch Description
folder*     The PbixProj folder to export the BIM file from.
transforms     List transformations to be applied to TMSL document.
RemovePBIDataSourceVersion - Removes the ‘defaultPowerBIDataSourceVersion’ model property, making the exported BIM file compatible with Azure Analysis Services.


git <action> 

Integrates with git and exposes certain actions to perform in the current working directory.

Option Default Value Is Switch Description
action*     The git action to perform.
Branch - Displays the active git branch in the current working directory.
pbi-tools git branch

Displays the active git branch in the current working directory. Automatically detects the root of the current git repository.


info [<checkDownloadVersion>] 

Collects diagnostic information about the local system and writes a JSON object to StdOut.

Option Default Value Is Switch Description
checkDownloadVersion   X When specified, checks the latest Power BI Desktop version available from
pbi-tools info check

Prints information about the active version of pbi-tools, all Power BI Desktop versions on the local system, any running Power BI Desktop instances, and checks the latest version of Power BI Desktop available from Microsoft Downloads.


init <action> [<folder>] 

Initializes a PbixProj workpace.

Option Default Value Is Switch Description
action*     The initialize action to perform.
Deployments - Generates a sample deployment manifest in the specified location if none exists.
folder     The PbixProj folder to operation in. Uses current working directory if not specified.