Create a new Service Principal

  1. In Azure Active Directory, create a new App Registration. Provide a name and set a secret.

    AAD App Registrations

    Register new app

    New client secret

  2. Create a new AAD security group and add the service principal as a member.

    Security Group

Enable use of Service Principals

  1. In Power BI Tenant Settings, specify the security group under “Allow service principals to use Power BI APIs”.

    Tenant Settings Allow Service Principals

Authorize service principals

  1. In each Power BI Workspace to be used as a deployment target, make the service principal a workspace user.

  2. For (thin) reports, the minimum access level is Contributor.

    Workspace Contributor

  3. For datasets, the Member level is required if dataset users should be set automatically. Otherwise, Contributor is sufficient.

    Workspace Member